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Buying Torres - a fad daughter Abramovich

interest in football from an early age and there was the daughter of Anna oligarch Abramovich - a girl hopelessly in love with the famous English footballer Fernando Torres.

While handsome played in Madrid Atletico Madrid, a rich heiress breathed on it secretly. But it was enough to move Torres to Liverpool, as Anna lost his head. Once she tried to run away to Liverpool, but his parents managed to catch her in the beginning. Passionate love Anya unable to cool down even the news of the marriage of Torres. Only now, Anna has changed tactics.

She begged her father to buy for Chelsea superforvarda. If you believe the rumors, Abramovich has put in front of her condition: let Anna get engaged, and only then get on Daddy to get acquainted with Fernando. Girl took his father's ultimatum, choosing a single Russian in their environment - 27-year-old lawyer from London, Nikolai Lazarev. Father approved her choice, and as reciprocate ordered to buy Torres. It cost 50 million pounds. Art. - For that kind of money in the Premier League have not bought yet no football player! The money will be paid within five years.

Two days after moving to London, Torres caring father arranged a date with Anna her idol. The meeting took place in the house of Eugene Shvidler, a longtime partner of Abramovich. Anya whole evening not take her eyes off Fernando. Noticing this, Roman Abramovich was worried. And as if by accident recalled Torres about the sports mode. Spaniard understood and politely bowed, and withdrew.

Photo: Anna Abramovich

Buying Torres - a fad daughter Abramovich

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Recommendation of the Day: Tip of the Day

Periphery is an American band, founded by guitarist Misha Mansoor, who heard last year and was like, "Love that shit" (for those who listen to the song Icarus Lives! , the end of the music. It is amazing the way which combines the instruments in the band. While the live voice of Spencer Sotelo was not the best, has improved steadily over time, which is demonstrated in 2nd music video clip of the band, Jetpack Was Yes! , where he gave a more melodic song, and placing more resources to video production, as opposed to Icarus Lives! . In general, the "genre" musical djent has been none, and even undervalued compared to the "aggro" and "metalcore", but what I can say is that it takes djent more technical and advanced to stay with the new breed of metal bands, and I would say beyond metal, as a "supergénero" musical. Periphery's genius is to propose complex musical patterns, but they sound very friendly to the ears, is to develop more melodic musical line that he proposed in his time Meshuggah, making the band much more apt to be sold and this owes its success on the internet, before releasing their first album titled, 2010.

In this band, share their 2 official video: 1 .-

Icarus Lives!

Jetpack 2 .- Yes

And obviously, I upload the only record available at this time of the group, Periphery (2010 ) pending The Icarus Lives EP due out this year

Periphery - Periphery (2010)

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GIGAFootball statistics: The most expensive submarine

GIGAFootball статистика: Самые дорогие футболисты АПЛ

1. Cesc Fabregas (Arsenal)
Market Value: 55.000.000 €

to Arsenal came in 2003, before that played for the second and third team FC Barcelona. After retiring from the Arsenal captain, Frenchman Patrick Vieira to Juventus, "has become the central midfielder, and after the conflict, William Gallas with Arsene Wenger in 2008, received the captain's armband, becoming one of the youngest captain in club history.

Fabregas is one of the so-called young veterans in modern football. In 1923 he had already spent more than 200 matches in the Premier League, is one of its brightest stars. Cesc - master of the short and long-pass, which confirmed his high positions in the dispute over the best assistant in the Champions League and other tournaments.

Since 2006, played for the national team Spain, the party the 2006 World Cup. Became the youngest footballer to play for Spain at the world championships - 19 years and 41 days (in the game with Ukraine June 14). The winner of the FIFA World Cup 2010. July 11, 2010 at the World Cup final in the 116 th minute gave the scoring pass for Andres Iniesta.

2. Wayne Rooney (Man. United)
Market Value: 52.000.000 €

From the age of 10 played for the youth academy Everton, and in 2002 he made his debut in the main part of a "butterscotch". After spending two years at the heart of mersisaydskogo club, the summer of 2004 he moved to Manchester United for £ 25,6 million since he won three league titles Premiership Champions League and two Football League Cup. Also became the owner of winning Player of the Year version of football players and PFA Footballer of the Year by the Association football journalists in 2010.

In 2003 he made his debut for England. Played at Euro 2004, World Championships 2006 and 2010. He is currently the main striker England.

3. Fernando Torres (Liverpool)
Market Value: 46.000.000 €

English football player, nicknamed "El Nino" ("The Kid"), an attacker football club "Chelsea" and Spain.

Torres started his career at Atletico Madrid. Before his debut in La Liga, Torres played two seasons in Segundo (40 appearances, 7 goals).

In 2007 moved to Liverpool and became the most lethal player in the history of Liverpool (50 goals).

in January 2011 to join to Chelsea for a record for a British transfer money - 50 million pounds, in fact, becoming the most expensive English player in football history.

4. Carlos Tevez (Man. City)
Market Value: 38.000.000 €

5. Nemanja Vidic (Man. Utd)
Market Value: 37.000.000 €

6. Steven Gerrard (Liverpool)
Market Value: 36.000.000 €

7. Michael Essien (Chelsea)
Market Value: 36.000.000 €

8. John Terry (Chelsea)
Market Value: 34.000.000 €

9. David Silva (Man. City)
Market Value: 32.000.000 €

10. Edin Gecko (Man. City)
Market Value: 30.000.000 €

11. Nani (Man. United)
Market Value: 28.000.000 €

12. Luka Modric (Tottenham)
Market Value: 28.000.000 €

13. Dimitar Berbatov (Man. United)
Market Value: 28.000.000 €

14. Patrice Evra (Man. United)
Market Value: 27.000.000 €

15. Joe Cole (Chelsea)
Market Value: 27.000.000 €

16. Petr Cech (Chelsea)
Market Value: 26.000.000 €

17. Mario Balotelli (Man. City)
Market Value: 26.000.000 €

18. Samir Nasri (Arsenal)
Market Value: 25.000.000 €

19. Gareth Bale (Tottenham)
Market Value: 25.000.000 €

20. Yaya Toure (Man. City)
Market Value: 25.000.000 €

21. Luis Suarez (Liverpool)
Market Value: 25.000.000 €

22. Didier Drogba (Chelsea)
Market Value: 25.000.000 €

23. Frank Lampard (Chelsea)
Market Value: 25.000.000 €

24. Robin van Persie (Arsenal)
Market Value: 24.000.000 €

25. Darren Fletcher (Man. United)
Market Value: 22.000.000 €

26. Anderson (Man. United)
Market cost: 21.000.000 €

27. Andrei Arshavin (Arsenal)
Market Value: 21.000.000 €

28. Vicente Company (Man. City)
Market Value: 20.000.000 €

29. John Obi Mikel (Chelsea)
Market Value: 20.000.000 €

Bohdan Vorona, GIGAFootball.Net