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Buying Torres - a fad daughter Abramovich

interest in football from an early age and there was the daughter of Anna oligarch Abramovich - a girl hopelessly in love with the famous English footballer Fernando Torres.

While handsome played in Madrid Atletico Madrid, a rich heiress breathed on it secretly. But it was enough to move Torres to Liverpool, as Anna lost his head. Once she tried to run away to Liverpool, but his parents managed to catch her in the beginning. Passionate love Anya unable to cool down even the news of the marriage of Torres. Only now, Anna has changed tactics.

She begged her father to buy for Chelsea superforvarda. If you believe the rumors, Abramovich has put in front of her condition: let Anna get engaged, and only then get on Daddy to get acquainted with Fernando. Girl took his father's ultimatum, choosing a single Russian in their environment - 27-year-old lawyer from London, Nikolai Lazarev. Father approved her choice, and as reciprocate ordered to buy Torres. It cost 50 million pounds. Art. - For that kind of money in the Premier League have not bought yet no football player! The money will be paid within five years.

Two days after moving to London, Torres caring father arranged a date with Anna her idol. The meeting took place in the house of Eugene Shvidler, a longtime partner of Abramovich. Anya whole evening not take her eyes off Fernando. Noticing this, Roman Abramovich was worried. And as if by accident recalled Torres about the sports mode. Spaniard understood and politely bowed, and withdrew.

Photo: Anna Abramovich

Buying Torres - a fad daughter Abramovich


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